Team Colour-Fit Pro

Get Colour-Fit Pro features for your entire team
– Sport Specific content for Meal Plans and Resources
– Access full Meal Library and Meal Builders
– Request team training specific & individualised Meal plans and Resources

Team Colour-Fit Elite

Bespoke Colour-Fit content for your team or organisation.
– Features can include Badges and Branding, team and individual specific meal plans based on training regimes and individual needs, team specific resources, on-site education for athletes, caterers and family

*Costs dependent on requested features. Contact us below with requirements

Individualised Meal Plan

Recieve a 2-week bespoke Meal Plan based upon your individual goals, training/ activity and food preferences. All meals link to meal cards & videos


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Team or Individual


Frequently asked questions

1. How will I be billed?

After completing the Sign Up form you will sent information to pay via bank transfer or Stripe direct debit for your chosen plan. Colour-Fit purchases pay monthly and Colour-Fit Pro and Elite pay annually. Bespoke Meal Plans are a one-off payment.

2. How do I cancel?

Colour-Fit subscribers simply cancel your direct debit. Colour-Fit Pro and Elite subscribers will be contacted when their term is due to end to inquire whether they wish to purchase for another year.

3. How do I upgrade?

If you wish to upgrade to a Colour-Fit Elite plan, Click here, to let us know your bespoke requirements and we will be in touch asap.