Meal Plans

To aid optimal meal selection and inspire variety, Colour-Fit contains numerous interactive Meal Plans. Meals Plans link directly to the Meal Cards and Videos for immediate access. Clicking on a meal picture will take you to the Meal Card & Video, and clicking on the Colour-Fit Chart, takes you to the Nutritional Analysis for the meal. Meal plans have associated videos, which explain the rationale behind the meal plans.

Meal Plans are categorised into specific sports.

A number of different Meal Plans are presented for sports where training schedules can differ based on competition schedules and training ethos, such as Football, Rugby Union & League, Triathlon, Club Running & Cycling, Combat Sports, Cricket, Motocross & Gaelic Sports. There are also, Preseason, Off-Season and Injury Meal Plans.

There are Meal Plans for body composition goals, such as Weight Loss and Muscle Gain.

Where indicated, these Plans have links to Training Programs, which help you achieve, and maintain your goals. In addition,  there are Health Boost and Easy Prep Meal Plans.

Want a Meal Plan designed speciffically for you? Click here, and fill in our individualised Meal Plan form. Outline your goals, current activities and food allergies/ dislikes and we will design a 2-week meal plan specifically for you, for only £50. All Meal Plans contain links to meal cards and videos.

If you would like more information on how Colour Fit can work for you or your club or if you would like to purchase a plan, please use the buttons below: